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Green Policy

At Aero, we are constantly improving our manufacturing and operating procedures in order to lead the stainless steel fabrication industry in environmentally friendly practices. Our efforts to “go green” in both our offices and manufacturing facilities have resulted in a much smaller carbon footprint and have greatly reduced our impact on the environment.

A Commitment to Recycling and Sustainable Practices

Stainless steel is 100% recyclable, and we are committed to using as much recycled steel as possible in our manufacturing processes. Currently, 70% of the stainless steel used to manufacture our products is made from recycled materials, preventing thousands of tons of waste from ending up in landfills each year. Our operations are carefully planned to minimize waste during the production process, and we are always re-examining our methods to find ways to further incorporate green and sustainable practices into our systems. All of Aero Manufacturing’s facilities follow protocols to reduce energy and electricity use during the fabrication of our products.

Green Offices

Our commitment to going green extends to Aero Manufacturing’s offices as well. We have made large strides towards going paperless by investing in the latest in computer technology, and by training our employees to choose digital alternatives versus paper throughout their work day. Our offices are equipped with paper recycling bins, and we use recycled paper for most of our paper needs. Our buildings are outfitted with modern plumbing systems to maximize water conservation in our restrooms, kitchens, and other facilities. In addition, Aero Manufacturing is in the process of implementing LED lighting systems throughout all of our facilities.

Going Above and Beyond

Aero Manufacturing is proud to be an industry leader in manufacturing products that meet the latest in environmental requirements without compromising performance. In particular, we lead the food service and plumbing industries with our extensive line of products that meets all water conservation requirements for modern commercial equipment. We design all of our products with both the environment and the consumer in mind, because as a manufacturer, we know that the consumer’s ability to incorporate environmentally friendly products into their home, business, or commercial project starts with us.

Manufacturers are required to comply with many environmental regulations to control pollution, but we believe that all manufacturers have a responsibility to go above and beyond these regulations to protect the environment as much as possible. Aero Manufacturing pledges to continually improve on our green manufacturing practices and to do our part in creating a greener world.

Aero Hydroponic Systems

Aero Manufacturing is thrilled to announce the launch of our line of Custom Stainless Steel Hydroponic Systems! Constructed from the highest-quality heavy-gauge stainless steel, these systems utilize a patent-pending* seamless design that provides a perfect, watertight fit – and the heavy-duty casters allow for mobility in both indoor and outdoor use.

Our stainless steel Hydroponic Systems are completely customizable to your specifications. Whether you're a restaurant owner, a non-profit, a home gardener, or a foodie, Aero Manufacturing can build you a system that's innovative, eco-friendly, and space-conscious.

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