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Custom Millwork

We are the leader in custom counters and millwork 

Aero’s custom millwork department will collaborate with your designer, engineer, or consultant to achieve your vision. Our facilities and team of experts ensure accuracy and expertise when crafting your counters, woodwork, or other custom projects. Aero takes pride in combining the highest quality technology and human craftsmanship to bring your custom designs to life.

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Why Custom Millwork from Aero?

Our two dedicated facilities, located in Tennessee and New Jersey, provide precise and efficient manufacturing processes that guarantee your custom projects are completed to your satisfaction. With our team of experts and legacy as the industry leader in custom millwork, working with Aero ensures precision and timeliness from fabrication through installation.


In addition to aesthetics, custom millwork provides:

Definition and symmetry
Functional protection for high-traffic surfaces
Added value to renovated spaces

Advantages of Custom Millwork

Custom millwork is essential to consider in a variety of circumstances. Aero’s custom millwork has helped clients achieve many practical and aesthetic goals for their clients, including:

Swift Production & Installation

Aero is one of the few custom millwork producers who are capable of handling both production and installation for front and back of house products. In the fast-paced world of fabrication, you can trust our experienced technicians and cutting edge technology to handle your project for the lowest price possible.

Definition & Symmetry

Proper millwork is often considered a finishing touch because it can help define the overall design of both commercial and personal spaces. Our custom millwork process ensures precision and quality for projects of any size.

Functional Design

High-traffic spaces often have overlooked features, including banisters and countertops, that require high-quality material and design to ensure their longevity. Our team of experts utilize technology, cutting-edge designs, and high-quality materials to create custom millwork that complete the space while being long lasting and functional.

Added Value

Molding, railings, and trim work all go beyond aesthetics to provide ergonomics for the use. Counters and partition walls serve a similar function, and custom millwork provides targeted solutions for these and any other needs for your space. These features boost the quality of experience for those in the space, along with the building’s overall value.

Combining Craftsmanship & Technology

Aero’s custom millwork department is equipped with the latest technology to help design, implement, and produce a wide range of finishing products. Our experience and industry-leading process allows Aero to manufacture your design dreams to reality.

Variety of Commercial and Industrial Applications

Custom counters and millwork are essential to a wide range of industries and spaces. Aero’s millwork is used in many industries, including but not limited to:

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