CP Series, 2 Bowl Commercial Prep Sink

Image of CP Series, 2 Bowl Commercial Prep Sink


This high quality 2 Bowl Prep Sink is perfect for supermarkets, restaurants, or grocery stores. Our Commercial Prep Sink is made from NSF listed stainless steel.

Design Features

All sinks are fully cartoned

Easily assembled

Design saves precious space through use of bowl partitions


Exclusive 14"" Bowl depth (consultant's specification)

Custom style fabricated bowl for true gauge integrity

All sinks have a 3/4"" radius at all intersecting planes (consultant's specification)

Stainless steel gussets are machine welded 360 degree to a stainless steel triangular plate

Gusset plates are fully welded directly underneath the sink for support

Polished to a # 4 blended finish


Water supply is 1/2"" hot and cold

Faucet holes are 8"" o.c. (faucets not included)

Aerospec Difference

Aerospec includes all of the features listed above plus the following:

Full 10"" backsplash instead of standard 7""

Stainless steel feet in lieu of white metal

Legs have stainless steel crossbracing with aluminum castings at all intersections

Model Numbers/ Dimensions

Unit Model Numbers Ship
Width Length DeluxList PriceAerospecList Price Wt. (lbs)
61.5" WIDE
61.5 30 3CP-3 $8436.74 2CP-3 $9113.90 150
78.25" WIDE
78.25 30 3CP-3-18L $9153.52 2CP-3-18L $10630.41 180
78.25 30 3CP-3-18R $9153.52 2CP-3-18R $10630.41 180
95" WIDE
95 30 3CP-3-18LR $9387.49 2CP-3-18LR $12144.44 220